Data Net
The principal node of INOA computer-based Data Net is located at the Arcetri headquarters, where the main Servers are active for handling administrative and scientific information, the usual data services (email, web, online library and administrative files, personal web pages, etc.) and licenses for scientific software and others (AntiVirus, MatLab, compilators, etc.)
Due to the existence of INOA sections spread in the big Firenze area and over the Country, different means of connections are available. The Table describes in detail the connection types used in the various sections/labs belonging to INOA institute. For Arcetri headquarters the whole net monitoring is available.
Servers and Services
The computer-based services can be gathered into three main areas: generic use (for everyone), specific use (accessible only to some particular users), local use (accessible only from Arcetri).
Computer room
The Computer Room is located on the second floor in Arcetri. It is divided into two parts: one, open space, collects computers for users; the other, temperature-controlled, contains the servers.
  1. The off-limits zone (entrance only for servicing) is kept at 18 degrees Celsius and is maintained operative with two 5000 VA continuity groups, directly connected with the main INOA servers. This area contains 24 double processor PCs of a Beowulf Cluster for parallel calculus and a server for Cluster handling.
  2. In the open area the following services are available for INOA users and guests:
    1. 5 double processor PCs with Linux OS connected to the main server via NFS,
    2. 4 PCs with Windows 2000 OS; one of them is provided with a color A4 scanner and a NIKON system for digitalization of slides and/or films,
    3. 2 online laser printers: HP4100 (black/white) and HP4500 (colors),
    4. 1 fax set for sending/receiving via web.
Data storage backup
An automated service for data saving on tape works twice per month (first and sixteenth day). There are 24 tapes to store information, overwritten every 12 months, for all the following servers: fox, xserver, fserver, bserver and aserver. For these servers there is also a daily saving called "differential", with respect to the last one.
Availabilities of the Arcetri data net
Five online printers are available (all with possibility of front/rear and one with colors) for INOA users and guests.
At first floor a Fax/scanner is available for receiving/sending fax via email.
At the main meeting room a Video Conference system for three users has recently been activated to guarantee an easy and quick connection between managers and personnel of Arcetri headquarters and Napoli and Lecce offices and labs
As of now, the person in charge of INOA data net is Ciamberlini Claudio, supported by Mascalchi Silvano, whose main duty is to manage the INOA web site and keep it up-to-date.

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