The library is organised to provide a documentary support for research, didactic and administrative activities of the institute. Its future project is to realise a national collecting centre for the publications in the field of optics.

Logistics and tools
The library is located on the second floor of the Arcetri (Florence) building and it is organised in five functional zones.

Reading room, dedicated to the consultation of all the bibliographic and documentary patrimony managed by the library. It is very pleasant, luminous and panoramic. In this zone there is an expositor containing the most recent numbers of the subscribed reviews and a PC available for external users.

Deposits are located in adjacent areas. Most of the material is placed on accessible shelves. Reserved documents and typically unrequited bibliographic material are conserved in locked stores in the INOA building.

In the reception zone there are print versions of updated catalogue, indexes and lists, which allow a partial fruition of the library even in case of problems with the electronic system.

The zone devoted to reproduction includes the instruments necessary to produce bibliographies, article copies, bibliographic researches.

The office includes working places of library personnel and it is conceived as an "open space" connecting all the functional areas.

The instrumental resources can be classifies as: hardware and software.
  1. Viewer for Microfilm of type 3Mto visualise and reproduce old collections of reviews and international congress proceedings available only on microfilm support.
  2. Desk PC,located in the reading room, accessible for guests (in particular foreigners) for OnLine search and researches on OPAC.
  3. Photocopier of multifunctional type,which can also be used as printer and scanner. Furthermore the scanned and saved pages are available via Web and they can be downloaded by users sited in a one of the detached INOA centres.
  4. Since 2004 the library is provided with a managing software,"LIBERO" , which allows managing via Web the OPAC (On line Public Access Catalog) of the catalogued monographs; this service is installed on a server directly controlled by the Calculation Centre of INOA.
Personnel: Poggiali Sandra, Zanaboni Antonella.
Responsible: Cetica Maurizio.
Info e contacts: Tel. 055-2308 215/223, Fax.055-224126, email
Opening time: from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 16:00, otherwise an announcement is reported inside the News
Functioning / Accessibility:
  1. Consultation is allowed to all users during library opening hours.
  2. Loan is reserved only to the dependent personnel or to people who are linked to the institute and are authorised.
  3. All users can utilise the tools available in the library to reproduce the bibliographic material if this operation is performed respecting the laws about author claims.
  4. The research of the existing bibliographic material is available OnLine for everyone. It is also possible to have a free on-line consultation of the complete catalogue of available reviews collections, which also includes those that are unsubscribed at the moment. The list of electronic collections, accessible On-line, whose use is reserved to the INOA personnel, is visible in a section of the Reserved Area. For reservation send an e-mail.
  5. - Search and supply of documents - document delivery.
    Copies of documents are provided to the internal personnel for study or research activities, as well as, for personal use. There are specific modules and procedures.

    Copies of documents are provided to university libraries and to structures pertaining to public, private and research institutions. The requests should be addressed to: The documents copies, for study or research activities or for personal use, are sent by email, fax or mail.

  6. The service of exchange between other libraries. is active. This means that it is possible to consult the list containing indications about the issues that are possessed in double copy or related to unsubscribed titles; some of these documents could be sent to other libraries as gift of exchange if required by them.

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