Mechanics Workshop
The service is only available at INOA main premise in Florence. Some minor works with only minor components involved can also be performed at laboratories in Capalle, although without the assistance by duty personnel.
Location and instrument
a) Arcetri
Presently, INOA mechanical workshop includes an office with desks for study and design purpose, equipped with PC available to technicians.
The overall area is divided in four parts: two main zones at the same floor, where the working machines and study desks are located, and two minor rooms connected to the main area, where material storage and tools for cutting can be found.
Existing tools and machinery can be classified as follows:
  1. mechanical centerto vertical job, three aces mod. VMC 500 programmed from PC;
  2. several machineriesfor working on medium size objects, amongst them worth mentioning are: 2 lathes (one CNC lathe), a milling machine, a bottoming drill cutter, a cutter;
  3. mechanical instrumentationSPAN class="textGrigioNoBold">for welding, dulling, 3-axis visualization, usually used for minor works and refining;
  4. accessoriesfor abovementioned working machinery, high precision and assembling tools commonly used in a mechanical workshop.
b) Capalle
Lathe and driller are available, along with working bench. The tools are located in the entrance hall and needed protection is provided.
Competences, past and future activities
INOA mechanical workshop technical personnel has more than twenty years of experience, as a result of close collaboration with the scientific and research staff of the Institute. Recent renewal took the mechanical workshop to higher level of functionality and reliability.
The mechanical workshop activity has not been limited to supporting research in INOA laboratories, but has also been extended to outer works of machining for the University of Firenze and OPD (Opificio delle Pietre Dure).
As an example, it is worth to remember several mountings for optical components, thermostatic cells for liquid crystals, mountings for Nd laser cavity, included with crystal supports and surge diode valves.
Human resources
a) Arcetri
Personnel: Acciai Sergio, D'Uva Massimo
Coordinator: Bratina Vojko
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