Optics Workshop
The service is mainly carried out at the Arcetri central office in Florence, but by the end of the 1990s, it is operative even at the newly born detached section of Naples.
Logistics and instrumental resources
a) Arcetri
There are even four rooms/laboratories used for optical service because of its importance, since optical components are basic for the research themes of our institute. Usefulness comes from the need to perform manifacturings both at a prototypical stage - because of the continuous need of changes throughout the experiments - and in case of dedicated processings and special productions of optical objects not available on the market.
The laboratory where basic machineries are located (two-axes raw surfaces process, diamond-wire cutting machine, patinas processing, glass cutter, etc) is underground and it is used by the three technicians responsible for the service. The other three labs are located at the ground floor and are equipped with workspaces and personal computers so that they can function as laboratories and offices as well for the staff. Two of them are equipped with an optics finish and polish machinery, a curvature ray measuring machinery, etc.. In the third one there are also a device used to manufacture optical fibers and an interpherometer, prototype realized by INOA for the measure of optical surfaces fringes.
The available instrumentation in each laboratory can be divided into three main classes:
  1. Instruments/machineriesor the raw material and/or patinas processing (sawing machine, scratch machine, glassblowing, rough cut, decanter, etc.);
  2. Instruments/machineriesfor the optical processing (lapping machine, optical fibers polish/junctions, etc.);
  3. - Testing equipment and optical precision tools (interpherometer, curvature ray measuring device, spherometer, micrometers, etc.).
b) Naples.
There is only one operator with its own room equipped to be used both like an office and a test laboratory, at the moment. In addition to the basic optical surfaces polishing tools, he can even work in a clean chamber at the department.
Skills and performed activity
The highly qualified staff boasts more than twenty years experience, and actively cooperate to the institute research. We especially point out:
  1. Manifacturing of plane-convex lenses, optical flats and prisms realized with different materials such as glass, silicon, quartz and germanium. These processings can be obtained even for thick optics (2-3 inches).
  2. Optical fibers processings(cut, polish, junction).
  3. Supportfor the material selection and for the planning of the mechanical support necessary both for optical manifacture and experimental use.
During these years there have been many parterships for the optical processings with several Institutes and/or Private Sectors, such as:
  1. Cape Coast University (Ghana).
  2. Astrophysics Observatory, Arcetri, Florence.
  3. Non-linear Spectroscopy Institute, Nice.
  4. European Non-linear Spectroscopy Laboratory (LENS).
  5. Physics Department of Florence and Pise University.
  6. Neurophysiology Institute, CNR, Pisa.
  7. Animal Biology and Genetics Department, Florence University.
  8. Clinical Physiopathology, Florence University.
Human Resources
a) Arcetri
Staff: Paolo Bianchi, Mauro Pucci, Andrea Tenani
Coordinator: Luca Mercatelli
Info and links:
b) Naples
Staff: Mario Salza
Coordinator: Ferraro Pietro
Info and links: see personnel page.


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