National Funding
This section lists the projects with National funding in the last 10 years.
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Projects with National funding active in 2015 are 37
with a total funding for INO of 14,480,133.78 €

1) Quantum technologies for extending the range of quantum communications (QSCALE) funded for an amount of 240,000.00 €; End date 02/28/2015

2) Simulatori ottici di trasporto quantistico in sistemi fotosintetici e prospettive per nuove tecnologie per l'energia solare (FIRB 2010_RBFR10M3SB) funded for an amount of 134,600.00 €; End date 03/08/2015

3) Molecular NAnotechnology for HeAlth and EnvironmenT (MAAT) Nanotecnologie molecolari per la salute dell'uomo e l'ambiente (MAAT) (MAAT) funded for an amount of 2,210,000.00 €; End date 05/30/2015

4) Backplane Ottico per Apparati ICT di Alta Capacità (BACKOP) funded for an amount of 886,550.31 €; End date 05/30/2015

5) Monitoraggio innovativo per le coste e l'ambiente marino (MONICA) funded for an amount of 900,000.00 €; End date 05/31/2015

6) Space Advance Project Excellence in Research and Enterprise (SAPERE) funded for an amount of 54,000.00 €; End date 05/31/2015

7) Tecnologie Italiane per Applicazioni Avanzate nei Beni Culturali (ITACHA) funded for an amount of 924,595.00 €; End date 06/30/2015

8) Fundamental Research ON TERAhertz Photonic Devices (FIRB 2010_ RBFR10LULP_002 FRONTERA) funded for an amount of 392,188.00 €; End date 09/07/2015

9) Precision Spectroscopy with Cold Stable Molecules (FIRB 2010_RBFR1006TZ) funded for an amount of 430,000.00 €; End date 09/08/2015

10) Fenomeni quantistici collettivi: dai sistemi fortemente correlati ai simulatori quantistici (PRIN 2010LLKJBX) funded for an amount of 160,997.00 €; End date 10/24/2015

11) Procedure e tecnologie innovative per una gestione pianificata ed integrata delle risorse idriche, l'ottimizzazione energetica ed il controllo della qualità nel Ciclo Integrato delle Acque (AQUASYSTEM) funded for an amount of 881,660.62 €; End date 11/30/2015

12) FotovoltaiCo OrgAnico/IBrido dI Terza GeneRazione (EFOR - CABIR) funded for an amount of 552,100.00 €; End date 12/31/2015

13) Methodology and Instruments of Building Automation and Information Technology for pervasive models of treatment and Aids for domestic Healthcare (BAITAH) funded for an amount of 436,323.81 €; End date 12/31/2015

14) Nanotechnology-based therapy and diagnostics of brain diseases (NANOBRAIN) (NANOBRAIN (NANOMAX)) funded for an amount of 273,647.00 €; End date 12/31/2015

15) ABNANOTECH (PREMIALE Linea 1 - ABNANOTECH) funded for an amount of 199,259.89 €; End date 12/31/2015

16) Tecnologie Abilitanti per Sistemi di Monitoraggio Aeroportuale (TASMA) funded for an amount of 180,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2015

17) Laboratorio di microscopia sem con remotizzazione (PREMIALE Linea 3 - Labsem) funded for an amount of 152,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2015

18) Sincronizzazione in fibra ottica di laboratori distribuiti con standard di tempo e frequenza (PREMIALE Linea 3 -Sincronizzazione in fibra ottica) funded for an amount of 131,891.06 €; End date 12/31/2015

19) Study of radiobiological and radiotherapic effects of a novelo electron accelerators (BEE-MED) funded for an amount of 249,295.50 €; End date 02/13/2016

20) Interferometro atomico (PREMIALE Linea 2 - Interferometro atomico) funded for an amount of 238,213.00 €; End date 02/28/2016

21) Rivelazione di radiazioni ionizzanti mediante sensori intrinseci in fibra ottica (FIRB 2010 RBFR10Q0PT_001 DROPS) funded for an amount of 274,996.50 €; End date 03/06/2016

22) Portable pyro-electro-hydrodynamic biosensor as Nano-Bio-Guard for home-land and food security (FIRB 2010 - RBFR10FKZH) funded for an amount of 521,000.00 €; End date 03/08/2016

23) Probing novel phases of matter with artificial quantum simulators: the interplay between disorder and correlations in equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium many-body quantum lattices (FIRB 2012_RBFR12NLNA_003 ArtiQuS) funded for an amount of 336,562.00 €; End date 03/20/2016

24) Studio dei regimi radiativi sul plateau antartico / STudy of the Radiative Regimes over the Antarctic Plateau and beyond (STRRAP-b) funded for an amount of 16,500.00 €; End date 05/28/2016

25) Broadband frequency conversion of optical frequency combs (BROADCON) funded for an amount of 80,000.00 €; End date 06/08/2016

26) Misura Ottica dell'anidride RadioCarbonica nell'atmosferica del plateau Antartico (ORCA) funded for an amount of 10,000.00 €; End date 06/17/2016

27) Active Ageing at Home (AA@H) funded for an amount of 236,800.00 €; End date 06/30/2016

28) Interferometry with atomic entangled states (FIRB 2008_RBFR08H058_002) funded for an amount of 167,200.00 €; End date 09/01/2016

29) Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) funded for an amount of 1,550,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2016

30) PREcipitation REtrieval at Concordia (PRE-REC) funded for an amount of 186,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2016

31) Concordia Multi-Process Atmospheric Studies (COMPASs) funded for an amount of 146,000.00 €; End date 12/31/2016

32) Laser-driven Shock Waves (PRIN 2012AY5LEL_002 LaShoWa) funded for an amount of 107,441.00 €; End date 02/03/2017

33) Ultra-refractory ceramic absorbers for thermodynamic solar energy generation at high temperature (FIRB 2012_RBFR12TIT1_002 Supersolar) funded for an amount of 311,600.00 €; End date 03/20/2017

34) QUANTOM - Quantum Optomechanics (QUANTOM) funded for an amount of 370,054.09 €; End date 05/30/2017

35) Automated digital scanning and diagnosis of tissues using multimodal non-linear optical microscopy (SALUS) funded for an amount of 96,500.00 €; End date 11/19/2017

36) Manipolazione optomeccanica di luce 'squeezed' (FIRB 2013_RBFR13QUVI MOSQ) funded for an amount of 328,159.00 €; End date 03/13/2018


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