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This section lists the papers, abstracts and poster presentation at Conferences Congress in the last 15 years.
Using the search for Author and/or Year and/or Category, the information relative to the years before 2004 can be visualized.  In order to visualize the data, click View of the corresponding box per year and to the chosen category.   (N.A. for data currently Not Available in the archives).
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Papers on congress press collections - Year 2018 (total number: 1)

1) Condivisione dei dati sui beni culturali: DIGILAB, l’esperienza di ARIADNE e di E-RIHS by Niccolucci F., Meghini C., Felicetti A., Pezzati L. presented in: Conferenza GARR 2017 - The data way to Science - Selected Papers

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