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Papers in JCR/ISI Journals - Year 2018 (total number: 64)

1) Micro-combs: A novel generation of optical sources in Physics Reports-review Section Of Physics Letters by Pasquazi Alessia; Peccianti Marco; Razzari Luca; Moss David J.; Coen Stephane; Erkintalo Miro; Chembo Yanne K.; Hansson Tobias; Wabnitz Stefan; Del'Haye Pascal; Xue Xiaoxiao; Weiner Andrew M.; Morandotti Roberto  (Cit.: 10)

2) Extensive study of electron acceleration by relativistic surface plasmons in Physics Of Plasmas by Cantono G., Sgattoni A., Fedeli L., Garzella D., Réau F., Riconda C., Macchi A., Ceccotti T.   (Cit.: 2)

3) Catching homologies by geometric entropy in Physica A-statistical Mechanics And Its Applications by Felice D., Franzosi R., Mancini S., Pettini M.   (Cit.: 1)

4) Connecting Dissipation and Phase Slips in a Josephson Junction between Fermionic Superfluids in Physical Review Letters by Burchianti A., Scazza F., Amico A., Valtolina G., Seman J.A, Fort C., Zaccanti M., Inguscio M., Roati G.  (Cit.: 1)

5) Diode laser-based gas analyser for the simultaneous measurement of CO2 and HF in volcanic plumes in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques by Chiarugi A., Viciani S., D'Amato F., Burton M.  (Cit.: 1)

6) Spatiotemporal light-beam compression from nonlinear mode coupling in Physical Review A by Krupa Katarzyna; Tonello Alessandro; Couderc Vincent; Barthelemy Alain; Millot Guy; Modotto Daniele; Wabnitz Stefan   (Cit.: 1)

7) Surface plasmons in superintense laser-solid interactions in Physics Of Plasmas by Macchi A.  (Cit.: 1)

8) The center for production of single-photon emitters at the electrostatic-deflector line of the Tandem accelerator of LABEC (Florence) in Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section B-beam Interactions With Materials And Atoms by over 10 authors including: Santoro Mario, Gorelli Federico Aiace, Sciortino Silvio, Lagomarsino Stefano, Agio Mario  (Cit.: 1)

9) 3D reconstruction of pentacene structural organization in top-contact OTFTs via resonant soft X-ray reflectivity in Applied Physics Letters by Capelli R, Nardi M.V., Tuccoli T., Verucchi R., Dinelli F., Gelsomini C., Kpshmak K., Giglia A., Nannarone S., Pasquali L.

10) A Portable Quantum Cascade Laser Spectrometer for Atmospheric Measurements of Carbon Monoxide in Sensors (basel) by Viciani S., Montori A., Chiarugi A., D'Amato F.

11) Anomalous gas sensing behaviors to reducing agents of hydrothermally grown alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods in Sensors And Actuators. B, Chemical (print) by Donarelli M., Milan R., Rigoni F., Drera G., Sangaletti L., Ponzoni A., Baratto C., Sberveglieri G., Comini E.

12) Bessel Beam Illumination Reduces Random and Systematic Errors in Quantitative Functional Studies Using Light-Sheet Microscopy in Frontiers In Cellular Neuroscience by Muellenbroich M. C., Turrini L., Silvestri L., Alterini T., Gheisari A., Vanzi F., Sacconi L., Pavone F. S.

13) Confocal multispot microscope for fast and deep imaging in semicleared tissues in Journal Of Biomedical Optics by Adam M.P., Muellenbroich M.C., Di Giovanna A.P., Alfieri D., Silvestri L., Sacconi L., Pavone F.S.

14) Cortical BOLD responses to moderate - and high- speed motion in the human visual cortex in Scientific Reports by Mikellidou K., Frijia F., Montanaro D., Greco V., Burr D. C., Morrone M. C.

15) Double Donut Schmidt Camera, a wide-field, large-aperture, and lightweight space telescope for the detection of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays in Applied Optics (2004) by Sandri P., Mazzinghi P., Da Deppo V.

16) Dynamical equilibration across a quenched phase transition in a trapped quantum gas in Communications Physics by Liu I.-K., Donadello S., Lamporesi G., Ferrari G., Gou S.-K., Dalfovo F., Proukakis N.P.

17) Dysprosium dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate with broad Feshbach resonances in Physical Review A by Lucioni E., Tanzi L., Fregosi A., Catani J., Gozzini S., Inguscio M., Fioretti A., Gabbanini C., Modugno G.

18) Effect of patterned polyacrylamide hydrogel on morphology and orientation of cultured NRVMs in Scientific Reports by Sanzari I., Humphrey E.J., Dinelli F., Terracciano C.M., Prodromakis T.

19) Electroluminescence Test to Investigate the Humidity Effect on Solar Cells Operation in Energies by Fontani D., Sansoni P., Francini F., Messeri M., Pierucci G., DeLucia M., Jafrancesco D.

20) Evaluation of the Spot Shape on the Target for Flat Heliostats in Energies by Jafrancesco D., Fontani D., Francini F., Sansoni P.

21) Excitation transfer from second to first resonance line of potassium observed in hot atomic vapor in Optical And Quantum Electronics by Andreeva C., Krasteva A., Markovski A., Tsvetkov S., Gateva S., Gozzini S., Cartaleva S.

22) Experimental transmittance of polyethylene films in the solar and infrared wavelengths in Solar Energy by Balocco C., Mercatelli L., Azzali N., Meucci M., Grazzini G.

23) Extreme Ultraviolet Beam Enhancement by Relativistic Surface Plasmons in Physical Review Letters by Cantono G., Fedeli L., Sgattoni A., Denoeud A., Chopineau L., Réau F., Ceccotti T., Macchi A.,

24) Feedback mechanisms between snow and atmospheric mercury: Results and observations from field campaigns on the Antarctic plateau in Chemosphere by over 10 authors including: Del Guasta Massimo

25) Few-Cycle Surface Plasmon Polariton Generation by Rotating Wavefront Pulses in Acs Photonics by Pisani F., Fedeli L., Macchi A.

26) Finely Tuned SnO2 Nanoparticles for Efficient Detection of Reducing and Oxidizing Gases: The Influence of Alkali Metal Cation on Gas-Sensing Properties in Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces by Lee S-H., Galstyan V., Ponzoni A., Gonzalo-Juan I., Riedel R., Dourges M.-A., Nicolas Y., Toupance T.

27) Frequency comb generation in a continuously pumped optical parametric oscillator in Proceedings Of Spie by Mosca S., Parisi M., Ricciardi I., Leo F., Hansson T., Erkintalo M., Maddaloni P., De Natale P., Wabnitz S., De Rosa M.

28) Frequency-comb-assisted absolute calibration and linestrength of H12C13CH ro-vibrational transitions in the 2ν3 band in Journal Of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer by Di Sarno V., De Natale P., Tasseva J., Santamaria L., Cané E., Tamassia F., Maddaloni P.

29) Graphite/diamond ethylene glycol-nanofluids for solar applications in Renewable Energy by Sani E., Papi N., Mercatelli L., Zyla G.

30) Imaging Correlations in Heterodyne Spectra for Quantum Displacement Sensing in Physical Review Letters by Pontin A., Lang J.E., Chowdhury A., Vezio P., Marino F., Morana B., Serra E., Marin F., Monteiro T.S.

31) Instability yields bright gamma emission in Nature Photonics by Macchi A., Pegoraro F.

32) Interplay of Kerr and Raman beam cleaning with a multimode microstructure fiber in Optics Letters by Wabnitz S., Dupiol, R.; Krupa, K.; Tonello, A.; Fabert, M.; Modotto, D.; Millot, G.; Couderc, V.

33) Interpreting technical evidence from spectral imaging of paintings by Édouard Manet in The Courtauld Gallery in X-ray Spectrometry by over 10 authors including: Dal Fovo Alice, Fontana Raffaella

34) Intra-cycle depolarization of ultraintense laser pulses focused by off-axis parabolic mirrors. in by Labate L., Vantaggiato G., Gizzi LA.

35) Lambda-enhanced grey molasses on the D2 transition of Rubidium-87 atoms in Scientific Reports by Rosi S., Burchianti A., Conclave S., Naik D.S., Roati G., Fort C., Minardi F.

36) Measurements of parametric instabilities at laser intensities relevant to strong shock generation in Physics Of Plasmas by over 10 authors including: Cristoforetti Gabriele, Gizzi Leonida Antonio, Koester Petra, Batani Dimitri, Baffigi Federica

37) Microcanonical entropy for classical systems in Physica A-statistical Mechanics And Its Applications by Franzosi R.

38) Modeling and measuring the quality factor of whispering gallery mode resonators in Applied Physics. B, Lasers And Optics (print) by Savchenkov A.A., Borri S., Siciliani de Cumis M., Matsko A.B., De Natale P., Maleki L.

39) Modern acrylic paints probed by optical coherence tomography and infrared reflectography in Microchemical Journal by Striova J., Dal Fovo A., Fontani V., Barucci M., Pampaloni E., Raffaelli M., Fontana R.

40) Modulation Instability Induced Frequency Comb Generation in a Continuously Pumped Optical Parametric Oscillator in Physical Review Letters by Mosca S., Parisi M., Ricciardi I., Leo F., Hansson T., Erkintalo M., Maddaloni P., De Natale P., Wabnitz S., De Rosa M.

41) Modulational instability of nonlinear polarization mode coupling in microresonators in Journal Of The Optical Society Of America B-optical Physics by Wabnitz S., Hansson, T.; Bernard, M.

42) Normal-Mode Splitting in a Weakly Coupled Optomechanical System in Physical Review Letters by Rossi M., Kralj N., Zippilli S., Natali R., Borrielli A., Pandraud G., Serra E., Di Giuseppe G., Vitali D.

43) Observation of a group of dark rogue waves in a telecommunication optical fiber in Physical Review A by Wabnitz S., Baronio, F.; Frisquet, B.; Chen, S.; Millot, G.; Kibler, B.

44) Observation of Spin Superfluidity in a Bose Gas Mixture in Physical Review Letters by Fava E., Bienaimé T., Mordini C., Colzi G., Qu C., Stringari S., Lamporesi G., Ferrari G.

45) Optical characterization of hafnium boride and hafnium carbide-based ceramics for solar energy receivers in Solar Energy by Musa C., Licheri R., Orrù R., Cao G., Balbo A., Zanotto F., Mercatelli L., Sani E.

46) Optical Coherence Tomography aids in revealing the hidden history of The Landsdowne Virgin of the Yarnwinder by Leonardo da Vinci and studio in by Targowski P., Iwanicka M., Sylwestrzak M., Frosinini C., Striova J., Fontana R.

47) Optical properties of silicon-vacancy color centers in diamond created by ion implantation and post-annealing in Diamond And Related Materials by over 10 authors including: Tantussi Francesco, Santoro Mario, Gorelli Federico Aiace, Sciortino Silvio, Lagomarsino Stefano, Agio Mario, De Angelis Costantino

48) Optical puff mediated laminar-turbulent polarization transition in Optics Express by Gao Lei; Zhu Tao; Wabnitz Stefan; Li Yujia; Tang Xiao Sheng; Cao Yu Long

49) Optical simulation of a central receiver system: Comparison of different software tools in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews by Jafrancesco D., Cardoso J., Mutuberria A., Leonardi E., Les I., Sansoni P., Francini F., Fontani D.

50) Optimal Control for One-Qubit Quantum Sensing in Physical Review X by Poggiali F., Cappellaro P., Fabbri N.

51) Opto-mechanical oscillator in a nanoliter droplet in Optics Letters by Giorgini A., Avino S., Malara P., De Natale P., Gagliardi G.

52) Photoacoustic signal attenuation analysis for the assessment of thin layers thickness in paintings in Journal Of Applied Physics by Tserevelakis G. J., Dal Fovo A., Melessanaki K., Fontana R., Zacharakis G.

53) Production of large Bose-Einstein condensates in a magnetic-shield-compatible hybrid trap in Physical Review A by Colzi G., Fava E., Barbiero M., Mordini C., Lamporesi G., and Ferrari G.

54) Real-time optical manipulation of cardiac conduction in intact hearts in Journal Of Physiology-london by over 10 authors including: Cannazzaro Samantha, Scardigli Marina, Sacconi Leonardo, Giulietti Danilo, Pavone Francesco Saverio

55) Reply to Entcheva: The impact of T-tubules on action potential propagation in cardiac tissue in Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America-biological Sciences by over 10 authors including: Silvestri Ludovico, Scardigli Marina, Sacconi Leonardo, Pavone Francesco Saverio

56) Resonant enhancement of plasmonic nanostructured fiber optic sensors in Sensors And Actuators. B, Chemical (print) by over 10 authors including: De Natale Paolo, Gagliardi Gianluca, Avino Saverio, Malara Pietro, Giorgini Antonio, Esposito Eliana

57) Rovibrational fine structure and transition dipole moment of CF3H by frequency-comb-assisted saturated spectroscopy at 8.6μm in Journal Of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer by over 10 authors including: De Natale Paolo, Castrillo Antonio, Di Sarno Valentina, Gianfrani Livio, Maddaloni Pasquale

58) Spectral Imaging and Archival Data in Analysing Madonna of the Rabbit Paintings by Manet and Titian in Angewandte Chemie-international Edition by Striova J., Ruberto C., Barucci M., Blažek J., Kunzelman D., Dal Fovo A., Pampaloni E., Fontana R.

59) Stimulated Brillouin Cavity Optomechanics in Liquid Droplets in Physical Review Letters by Giorgini A., Avino S., Malara P., De Natale P., Yannai M., Carmon T., Gagliardi G.

60) Surface-plasmon optical-heterodyne clock biosensor in Sensors And Actuators. B, Chemical (print) by Giorgini A., Avino S., Malara P., Zullo R., De Natale P., Mrkvová K., Homola J., Gagliardi G.

61) The laser control of the muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab in Journal Of Instrumentation by Ferrari C., Anastasi A.; Anastasio A.; Avino S.; Basti A.; Bedeschi F.; Boiano A.; Cantatore G.; Cauz D.; Ceravolo S.; Corradi G.; Dabagov S.; Di Meo P.; Driutti A.; Di Sciascio G.; Di Stefano R.; Escalante O.; Ferrari C.; Fienberg A.T.; Fioretti A.; Gabbanini C.; Gagliardi G.; Gioiosa A.; Hampai D.; Hertzog D.W.; Iacovacci M.; Incagli M.; Karuza M.; Kaspar J.; Lusiani A.; Marignetti F.; Mastroianni S.; Moricciani D.; Nath A.; Pauletta G.; Piacentino G.M.; Raha N.; Santi L.; Smith M.W.; Venanzoni G.

62) Ultra-high temperature porous graded ceramics for solar energy applications in Journal Of The European Ceramic Society by over 10 authors including: Mercatelli Luca, Sani Elisa

63) Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators for mid-IR Quantum and Interband Cascade Laser analysis and control in Proceedings Of Spie, The International Society For Optical Engineering by over 10 authors including: Insero Giacomo, Santambrogio Gabriele Raimondo Giuliano, D'Ambrosio Davide, Lopez Garcia Inaki, D'Amato Francesco, De Natale Paolo, Borri Simone, Viciani Silvia, Siciliani de Cumis Mario

64) Whole-Brain Vasculature Reconstruction at the Single Capillary Level in Scientific Reports by Di Giovanna A.P., Tibo A., Silvestri L., Muellenbroich M.C., Costantini I., Allegra Mascaro A.L., Sacconi L., Frasconi P., Pavone F.S.

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