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Papers in JCR/ISI Journals - Year 2019 (total number: 40)

1) High Dynamic Range, Heterogeneous, Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Featuring Thermally Tunable Frequency Comb Operation over a Broad Current Range in Acs Photonics by Garrasi K., Mezzapesa F.P., Salemi L., Li L., Consolino L., Bartalini S., De Natale P., Davies A.G., Linfield E.H., Vitiello M.S.  (Cit.: 5)

2) Polarization-dependent deformation in light responsive polymers doped by dichroic dyes in Soft Matter by Martella D., Nocentini S., Micheletti F., Wiersma D., Parmeggiani C.   (Cit.: 3)

3) QCL-based frequency metrology from the mid-infrared to the THz range: A review in Nanophotonics by Consolino L., Cappelli F., Siciliani De Cumis M., De Natale P.  (Cit.: 3)

4) Determination of excitation temperature in laser-induced plasmas using columnar density Saha-Boltzmann plot in Journal Of Advanced Research by Safi A., Tavassoli S.H., Cristoforetti G., Legnaioli S., Palleschi V., Rezaei F., Tognoni E.  (Cit.: 1)

5) High-precision molecular spectroscopy in the mid-infrared using quantum cascade lasers in Applied Physics B-lasers And Optics by over 10 authors including: Santambrogio Gabriele Raimondo Giuliano, Insero Giacomo, Di Sarno Valentina, Cappelli Francesco, Santamaria Luigi, Galli Iacopo, Borri Simone, Mazzotti Davide, Maddaloni Pasquale, De Natale Paolo  (Cit.: 1)

6) Round Robin Test for the comparison of spectral emittance measurement apparatuses in Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells by over 10 authors including: Mercatelli Luca, Sani Elisa  (Cit.: 1)

7) A Fourier transform spectroradiometer for ground-based remote sensing of the atmospheric downwelling long-wave radiance in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques by Bianchini G., Castagnoli F., Di Natale G., Palchetti L.

8) A microcanonical entropy correcting finite-size effects in small systems in Journal Of Statistical Mechanics-theory And Experiment by Franzosi R.,

9) Alignment tolerances of self imaging configurations for passive coherent beam combining in Proceedings Of Spie by Lapucci A., Ciofini M.

10) An overview of ultra-refractory ceramics for thermodynamic solar energy generation at high temperature in Renewable Energy by Silvestroni L., Sciti D., Zoli L., Balbo A., Zanotto F., Orrů R., Licheri L., Musa C., Mercatelli L., Sani E.

11) Cellulose Fibers Enable Near-Zero-Cost Electrical Sensing of Water- Soluble Gases in Acs Sensors by Barandun G., Soprani M., Naficy S., Grell M., Kasimatis M., Chiu K. L., Ponzoni A., Güder F.

12) Collisions of self bound quantum droplets in Physical Review Letters by Fattori M.,

13) Combined photoacoustic imaging to delineate the internal structure of paintings in Optics Letters by Dal Fovo A., Tserevelakis G. J., Papanikolaou T. A., Zacharakis G., Fontana R.

14) Comparative study of different functionalized graphene-nanoplatelet aqueous nanofluids for solar energy applications in Renewable Energy by Vallejo J., Mercatelli L., Martina M.R., Di Rosa D., Dell’Oro A., Lugo L., Sani E.

15) Deformation analysis of Leornado da Vinci\'s “Adorazione dei Magi” through temporal unrelated 3D digitization in Journal Of Cultural Heritage by Palma G., Pingi P., Siotto E., Bellucci R., Guidi G., Scopigno R.

16) Dioxin and Related Compound Detection: Perspectives for Optical Monitoring in International Journal Of Molecular Sciences by Patrizi B., Siciliani de Cumis M., Viciani S., D'Amato F.

17) Efficiency of radiation friction losses in laser-driven ‘hole boring’ of dense targets in New Journal Of Physics by Popruzhenko S. V. ,Liseykina T. V., Macchi A.,

18) Exploiting Self-Absorption for Plasma Characterization in Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Experiments: A Comparison of Two Recent Approaches in Analytical Chemistry by Safi A., Tavassoli H.S., Cristoforetti G., Tognoni E., Campanella B., Legnaioli S., Pagnotta S., Poggialini F., Palleschi V.

19) Extreme high field plasmonics: Electron acceleration and XUV harmonic generation from ultrashort surface plasmons in Physics Of Plasmas by Macchi A., G. Cantono, L. Fedeli, F. Pisani, T. Ceccotti

20) InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well for superfast scintillation application: Photoluminescence measurements of the picosecond rise time and excitation density effect in Journal Of Luminescence by Toci G., Gizzi L.A., Koester P., Baffigi F., Fulgentini L., Labate L., Hospodkova A., Jary V., Nikl M., Vannini M.

21) Kinetics of radical dimerization. Simple evaluation of rate constant from convolution voltammetry and faradaic phase angle data in Electrochimica Acta by Pospíšil L., Hromadová M., Sokolová R., Lanza C.

22) Liquid Crystal-Induced Myoblast Alignment in Advanced Healthcare Materials by Martella D., Pattelli L., Matassini C., Ridi F., Bonini M., Paoli P., Baglioni P., Wiersma D., Parmeggiani C.

23) Liquid droplet microresonators in Sensors by Giorgini A., Avino S., Malara P., De Natale P., Gagliardi G.

24) Muon g-2 calibration system data flow in Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section A-accelerators Spectrometers Detectors And Associated Equipment by Anastasio A., Gagliardi G., Avino S., et al.

25) New technique to measure the cavity defects of Fabry-Perot interferometers in Astronomy & Astrophysics by Greco V., Sordini A., Cauzzi G., Reardon K., Cavallini F.

26) Nuclear fragment identification with ∆E-E telescopes exploiting silicon carbide detectors in Nuclear Instruments And Methods In Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors And Associated Equipment, 925 by over 10 authors including: Li Yun, Labate Luca

27) On the origin of phase transitions in the absence of symmetry-breaking in Physica A-statistical Mechanics And Its Applications by Pettini G., Gori M., Franzosi R., Clementi C., Pettini M.

28) Physics of decision processes in European Physical Journal Plus by Arecchi F.T.

29) Progress in understanding the role of hot electrons for the shock ignition approach to inertial confinement fusion in Nuclear Fusion by over 10 authors including: Baffigi Federica, Cristoforetti Gabriele, D'Amato Francesco, Koester Petra, Gizzi Leonida Antonio, Viciani Silvia

30) Random Raman fiber laser based on a twin-core fiber with FBGs inscribed by femtosecond radiation in Optics Letters by Skvortsov M.I., Abdullina S.R., Wolf A.A., Dostovalov A.V., Vlasov A.A., Lobach I.A., Wabnitz S., Babin S.A.

31) Retrieval of phase relation and emission profile of quantum cascade laser frequency combs in Nature Photonics by over 10 authors including: Campo Giulio, De Natale Paolo, Mazzotti Davide, Bartalini Saverio, Galli Iacopo, Siciliani de Cumis Mario, Eramo Roberto, Consolino Luigi, Cappelli Francesco

32) Self-Regulating Capabilities in Photonic Robotics in Advanced Materials Technologies by Martella D., Nocentini S., Parmeggiani C., Wiersma D.S.

33) Tailoring the Optical Properties of Organic D-?-A Photosensitizers: Effect of Sulfur Introduction in the Acceptor Group in European Journal Of Organic Chemistry by Ottavia Bettucci, Daniele Franchi, Adalgisa Sinicropi, Mariangela di Donato, Paolo Foggi, Fabrizia Fabrizi de Biani, Gianna Reginato, Lorenzo Zani, Massimo Calamante, Alessandro Mordini

34) The calibration system of the Muon g–2 experiment in Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section A-accelerators Spectrometers Detectors And Associated Equipment by over 10 authors including: Ferrari Carlo

35) The contributions of junctions and nanowires/nanotubes in conductive networks in Applied Physics Letters by Ponzoni A.

36) The monitoring electronics of the laser calibration system in the Muon g-2 experiment in Nuclear Instruments & Methods In Physics Research Section A-accelerators Spectrometers Detectors And Associated Equipment by Anastasio A., Gagliardi G., Avino S., et al.

37) Time evolution of stimulated Raman scattering and two-plasmon decay at laser intensities relevant for shock ignition in a hot plasma in High Power Laser Science And Engineering by over 10 authors including: D'Amato Francesco, Viciani Silvia, Cristoforetti Gabriele, Batani Dimitri, Baffigi Federica

38) Time-domain Ramsey-narrowed sub-kHz Electromagnetically Induced Absorption in Atomic Potassium in Journal Of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular And Optical Physics by Lenci L., Marmugi L., Renzoni F., Gozzini S., Lucchesini A., Fioretti A.

39) Ultra-high temperature porous graded ceramics for solar energy applications in Journal Of The European Ceramic Society by over 10 authors including: Azzali Niccolň, Mercatelli Luca, Sani Elisa

40) Yb-doped double tungstates for down-conversion applications in Optical Materials by Sani E., Brugionic A., Mercatelli L., Parisi D., Zharikovc E.V., Lisc D.A., Subbotin K.A.

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