Industrial Analytical Systems based on Tunable Diode-Lasers

Session Chair  :   Dr. Peter W. Werle

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50125 Florence, Italy                                                                                           
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Time Company Speaker Title
9.00  Laser Components GmbH Johannes Kunsch "Commercial Aspects of TDLS"
9.15 Nanoplus GmbH Johannes Koeth "DFB-Laser in the Wavelength Range from 0.7 to 2.5 µm"
9.30 Vertilas GmbH Markus Ortsiefer "VCSELs for Molecular Spectroscopy at 1.4 - 2.05 µm"
9.45 Sacher Lasertechnik Group Sandra Stry "Tunable Blue Laser-Light from External Cavity Diode-Lasers"
10.00 Toptica Photonics AG Frank Lison "Tunable Diode-Lasers from UV to NIR with up to 1 Watt Output Power"
10.15 Muetek Infrared Achim Hoegg "Laser Source Modules and System Components for Mid-Infrared Tunable Diode-Lasers from 3-25 µm"
10.30 Coffee Break    
11.00 Laser Components GmbH Lars Mechold "Application of Tunable Diode-Lasers between 3 and 25 µm (3300 - 400 cm-1)"
11.15 Messer Griesheim GmbH Károly Brenner "Precision Gas Mixtures as Reliable Calibration Standards for TDLS"
11.30 Ekips Technologies Inc. Pat McCann "Tunable Diode-Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Measurement of Exhaled Breath"
11.45 SIT S.r.l. / Huberg S.a.s. Francesco D´Amato "A Mobile Methane Pipeline Inspection System"
12.00 Southwest Sciences Inc. Chris Hovde "Measuring Moisture or Oxygen in Bottles or Process Gases"
12.15 Physical Sciences Inc. Mark Allen "Gas Analyzers in the Near- and Mid-IR"
12.45 Lunch Break    
14.00 Alpes Laser SA Stéphane Blaser "High Power and Single Frequency Quantum Cascade Lasers for Gas Sensing"
14.15 Aerodyne Research Inc. Barry McManus "Environmental Trace Gas Instrumentation using pulsed Quantum Cascade Lasers"
14.30 Sick AG Kai-Uwe Pleban "Application of the Sick | Maihak  Sensor GM700-1C in the Automotive Industry"
14.45 Siemens AG Michael Markus "Demanding Industrial Applications of the LDS 3000 Diode-Laser Spectrometer"

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