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Quantum physics exploring gravity in the outer solar system: the SAGAS project

  Articoli su Riviste JCR/ISI  (anno 2009)

Autori:  Wolf P., Bordé Ch. J., Clairon A., Duchayne L., Landragin A., Lemonde P., Santarelli G., Ertmer W., Rasel E., Cataliotti F.S., Inguscio M., Tino G.M., Gill P., Klein H., Reynaud S., Salomon C., Peik E., Bertolami O., Gil P., Páramos J., Jentsch C., Johann U., Rathke A., Bouyer P., Cacciapuoti L., Izzo D., De Natale P., Christophe B., Touboul P., Turyshev S.G., Anderson J., Tobar M.E., Schmidt-Kaler F., Vigué J., Madej A.A., Marmet L., Angonin M.-C., Delva P., Tourrenc P., Metris G., Müller H., Walsworth R., Lu Z.H., Wang L.J., Bongs K., Toncelli A., Tonelli M., Dittus H., Lämmerzahl C., Galzerano G., Laporta P., Laskar J., Fienga A., Roques F., Sengstock K

Affiliazione Autori:  UPMC, CNRS, Observ Paris, SYRTE, F-75014 Paris, France; Leibniz Univ Hannover, Hannover, Germany; Univ Florence, Ist Nazl Fis Nucl, LENS, Florence, Italy; Natl Phys Lab, London, England; CNRS, Lab Kastler Brossel, Paris, France; Phys Tech Bundesanstalt, D-3300 Braunschweig, Germany; Inst Super Tecn, Lisbon, Portugal; EADS Astrium, Friedrichshafen, Germany; CNRS, Inst Opt, Lab Charles Fabry, F-75700 Paris, France; ESA, Estec, Noordwijk, Netherlands; INOA CNR, Florence, Italy; Off Natl Etud & Rech Aerosp, Chatillon, France; NASA, Jet Prop Lab, Pasadena, CA USA; CALTECH, Jet Prop Lab, Pasadena, CA USA; Univ Western Australia, Perth, WA 6009, Australia; Univ Ulm, Ulm, Germany; Univ Toulouse 3, CNRS, LCAR, F-31062 Toulouse, France; Natl Res Council Canada, CNRC, Ottawa, ON, Canada; CNRC, Inst Etalons Nationaux Mesures, Ottawa, ON, Canada; Univ Paris 06, ERGA LERMA, Paris, France; CNRS, Observ Cote Azur, GEMINI, F-06034 Nice, France; Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA 94305 USA; Harvard Univ, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA; Univ Erlangen Nurnberg, Erlangen, Germany; Univ Birmingham, Birmingham, W Midlands, England; Univ Pisa, CNR, INFM, NEST, Pisa, Italy; Univ Bremen, ZARM, Bremen, Germany; Politecn Milan, I-20133 Milan, Italy; CNRS, Observ Paris, IMCCE, Paris, France; Observ Besancon, Besancon, France; CNRS, Observ Paris, LESIA, Paris, France; Univ Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Riassunto:  We summarise the scientific and technological aspects of the Search for Anomalous Gravitation using Atomic Sensors (SAGAS) project, submitted to ESA in June 2007 in response to the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 call for proposals. The proposed mission aims at flying highly sensitive atomic sensors (optical clock, cold atom accelerometer, optical link) on a Solar System escape trajectory in the 2020 to 2030 time-frame. SAGAS has numerous science objectives in fundamental physics and Solar System science, for example numerous tests of general relativity and the exploration of the Kuiper belt. The combination of highly sensitive atomic sensors and of the laser link well adapted for large distances will allow measurements with unprecedented accuracy and on scales never reached before. We present the proposed mission in some detail, with particular emphasis on the science goals and associated measurements and technologies.

Volume n.:  23 (2)      Pagine da: 651  a: 687
DOI: 10.1007/s10686-008-9118-5

*Impact Factor della Rivista: (2009) 5.444   *Citazioni: 71
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