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Coherence, complexity and creativity: From laser to cognitive processes

  Articoli su Riviste NON JCR/ISI  (anno 2010)

Autori:  Arecchi F

Affiliazione Autori:  Department of Physics, University of Firenze and CNR - INO Firenze, Italy

Riassunto:  This is a review of the ideas and expeiments that established the onset of laser coherence above a suitable threshold. That threshold is the fist of a chain of bifurcations in a non-linear dynamics, leading eventually to deterministic chaos in lasers. In particular, the so-called HC (homoclinic chaos) behaviour has striking analogies with the electrical activity of neurons. Based on these considerations, we develop a dynamical model of neuron synchronization leading to coherent global perceptions. Synchronization implies a transient control of neuron chaos. Depending on the time duration of this control, a cognitive agent combines the input data with different amounts of internal resources; this a strictly individual endeavour that we call cognitive creativity. To sum up, while coherence ia associated with long-range correlations, complexity arises whenever a network of coupled dynamical systems displays multiple paths of coherence; creativity corresponds to a free selection of coherence path within a complex nest and it is dynamically interpreted as a pertial operation of chaos control.

Rivista/Giornale NON ISI:  Quaderni di storia della fisica
Volume n.:  16      Pagine da: 157  a: 183

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