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Spectroscopic and laser characterization of Yb-0.15:(LuxY1-x)(3)Al5O12 ceramics with different Lu/Y balance

  Articoli su Riviste JCR/ISI  (anno 2016)

Autori:  Pirri A., Toci G., Li J., Xie T., Pan Y., Babin V., Beitlerova A., Nikl M., Vannini M

Affiliazione Autori:  C.N.R. - National Research Council, Istituto di Fisica Applicata “Nello Carrara,” IFAC-CNR Via Madonna del Piano 10, I-50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy; C.N.R. - National Research Council, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Via Madonna del Piano 10, I-50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy; Key Laboratory of Transparent and Opto-functional Advanced Inorganic Materials, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1295 Dingxi Road, Shanghai 200050, China; Institute of Physics Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Cukrovarnicka 10, Prague 162 53, Czech Republic

Riassunto:  We report a broad comparative analysis of the spectroscopic and laser properties of solid solution Lutetium-Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (LuYAG, (LuxY1-x)(3)Al5O12) ceramics doped with Yb. The investigation was mainly aimed to assess the impact of the Lu/Y ratio on the Yb optical and laser properties. Therefore we analyzed a set of samples with different Y/Lu balance, namely 25/75, 50/50 and 75/25, with 15% Yb doping. We found that the Yb absorption and emission spectra changed from YAG to LuAG when gradually increasing in Lu content. Regarding the laser emission, remarkable results were achieved with all samples. Maximum output power was 8.2 W, 7.3 W and 8.7 W for Y/Lu balance 25/75, 50/50 and 75/25 respectively, at 1030 nm; the slope efficiency and the optical-to-optical efficiencies approached or exceeded 60% and 50% respectively. The tuning range was investigated using an intracavity ZnSe prism. The broadest tuning range (998 nm to 1063 nm) was obtained with Y/Lu balance 75/25, whereas the emission of the other two samples extended from 1000 nm to 1058 nm. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first comparative analysis of Yb:LuYAG ceramics or crystals as laser host across such a broad range of Y/Lu ratios. (C) 2016 Optical Society of America

Rivista/Giornale:  OPTICS EXPRESS
Volume n.:  24 (16)      Pagine da: 17832  a: 17842
Ulteriori informazioni:  Activity supported by CNR-AVCR Joint Project 2013-2015 \"Influence of composition and defects on the properties of transparent ceramics and crystals for laser and scintillator applications\". This work was also partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61575212) and Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professor for Senior International Scientists (Grant No. 2013T2G0004).
DOI: 10.1364/OE.24.017832

*Impact Factor della Rivista: (2016) 3.307   *Citazioni: 6
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