Leonardo Sacconi - Group Leader
Leonardo Sacconi received the Master degree in Physics in 2001 at the University of Florence. He, then, moved to Trento, where he obtained the PhD in Physics. Visiting scientist at the Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, in the group of Watt W. Webb. There he developed an imaging method to optically record neuronal action potentials using non-linear microscopy. From 2005 to 2011 he started new research lines on functional imaging of neuronal networks at European Laboraotry for Non-linear Spectrscopy (LENS) in the group of Francesco S. Pavone. In this period, he developed a system called Random Access Multi-Photon (RAMP) microscope that was capable to record action potentials from multiple neurons simultaneously. The RAMP microscope was also exploited to investigate the action potential propagation in cardiac cells. This represents the beginning of his independent activities in the field of cardiovascular research. He is now a Researcher at the National Institute of Optics in Florence and group leader of the Cardiac Imaging at LENS where we are developing innovative imaging methodologies to increase the understanding of cardiac physiology.

Research team
- Marina Scardigli - PostDoc
- Irene Costantini - PostDoc
- Erica Lazzari - PhD Student
- Valentina Biasci - PhD Student
- Francesco Giardini- PhD Student
- Francesco S. Pavone - Full Professor

- Cecilia Ferrantini, University of Florence, Italy.
- Corrado Poggesi, University of Florence, Italy.
- Elisabetta Cerbai, University of Florence, Italy.
- Raffaele Coppini, University of Florence, Italy.
- Leonardo Bocchi, University of Florence, Italy.
- Leslie M. Loew, University of Connecticut Health Center, US.
- Gil Bub, McGill University, Canada.
- Stephan E. Lehnart, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany.
- Peter Kohl, University of Freiburg, Germany.

Past Members
- Claudia Crocini, Ph.D
- Samantha Cannazzaro, PhD